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Mamquam Falls Hike In Squamish

Mamquam Falls Hike In Squamish

A beautiful hiking trail close to Squamish, British Columbia, is Mamquam Falls. There is a gorgeously hidden waterfall on the reasonably moderate climb to the falls. Once a hidden gem, this waterfall has gained prominence recently.

Mamquam Falls is a magical place despite not being as spectacular as other waterfalls in Squamish due to its calm surroundings and location. It’s definitely not quite as powerful as the neighboring Shannon Falls, at just 62 feet.

This Squamish trail is transformed into one of the most aesthetically pleasing short treks in Squamish by the bright rainforest. The hike is a fantastic addition to any Sea to Sky Highway journey, taking about 30 to 40 minutes to complete.

Life is like a waterfall – always moving

I advise going early in the day, even though it is still a quite peaceful place compared to other Squamish.  As the day rolls on, it becomes busier.

Getting to Manmquam Falls from Vancouver

Beginning in Squamish, take Highway 99 North (Sea-to-Sky Highway) to Mamquam Falls. You will pass the Sea to Sky Gondola and then, after about 7.5 km (5 minutes), turn right into the Mamquam River Forest Service Road. It could be difficult to drive this unpaved route in a low-clearance car.

Continue traveling until you come to a crosswalk, then turn left to enter the parking lot. There will be a yellow BC Hydro fence on the left and a prominent parking lot on the left. The trailhead is here. The trailhead is not clearly marked; for more information, see the section that follows.

Please be aware that this route is poorly maintained throughout the winter and that severe snowfall recently may render it impassable. It is advised to confirm the state of the local roads before leaving. There is free parking at the trailhead. Recall that you should leave all valuables at home.

Mamquan Falls Trail

There are unclear signs at the Mamquam Falls trailhead. There are two ways to complete this circular trail: clockwise and counterclockwise. From the parking lot, there are two routes to the falls. The first is along the wide dirt trail at the top of the parking lot, which descends in height and goes to a space with picnic tables and an outhouse.

The alternative is to proceed straight to the right of the parking lot on the gated dirt road. Proceed until you come to a wide opening right before the bridge on your left. Both of the pathways you’ll notice as you approach lead to the Falls. If all you want to do is see the falls and head back up, this is the quicker path (though I highly suggest exploring the entire trail!).

The hike to Mamquam Falls is short and simple. With a length of only 1.5 kilometers (0.9 miles), it’s a fantastic choice for first-timers and families with young children. There is not much height gain overall—roughly 50 meters, or 165 feet. This provides for a moderate hike that most people may finish without experiencing undue physical strain.

In terms of difficulty, the Mamquam Falls trail is rated as easy. The path is well-marked and not technically challenging. However, there are a few rocky areas that may require careful footing, especially after a rainfall. As always, it is recommended to wear sturdy hiking shoes and pack essentials such as water and snacks.



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