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Thank You! 10k YouTube Subscribers

Thank You! 10k YouTube Subscribers

I am feeling really humbled right now…there are 10000 incredible people (like you) who have subscribed to our YouTube channel! Wow!!! Thank you so much to those of you who have checked out our YouTube channel Vancity adventure and subscribed and subjected yourselves to our craziness on the videos.

WOW 10k subscribers that is a huge step!

This channel started Because of covid and all the stress I had, plus the encouragement of a fellow youtuber and friend Chrome.

Reaching 10k subscribers is a big step! Many thanks to all of you for supporting our Vancity Adventures this has been a fantastic journey!

Also thanks a lot for all of your feedback which is helping a lot to make our content better and more relevant!

Now, looking forward I can promise that many more great stuff is about to be released soon on this website & channel. Stay tuned!


Love you all


Daryl, Cayden and Tosha the PUG

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